Board of Directors

We, the Board of Directors (BOD) are responsible for the general overview and supervision of specific fields of business within KAFSIS. Our mission is to keep our expertise united for the future development of this foundation having created a company with know - how in every domain relevant to waste management providing in turn, sustainable solutions to today’s liabilities.

Theodore Kaskanis

CEO & Chairman of the Board

KAFSIS is proud to be one of the largest environmental contributors in reducing uncontrolled use of landfills throughout the region. We believe that “waste” should not be wasted and that it can and should be retrieved, recycled and reused for the benefit of our planet.

Xanthi-Maria Sousoni

Mechanical Engineer
COO & Member of the Board

By foreseeing the market needs, we continuously invest in developing unique and innovative advanced industrial technologies that will provide sustainable solutions to today’s environmental problems. KAFSIS is committed to remaining at the forefront of waste management technologies in order to provide its clients with the most extensive range of services possible.

Andreas Savadis

Mechanical Engineer
Head of Business Development & Member of the Board

In our company, by making full of the potential of the infrastructures we have in our disposal, we are able to minimize the amount of waste that is not being exploited by recycling, while leveraging savings to our customers and the environment, offering solutions customized to the needs of each client.

Dimitris Stergiou

Head of Projects Operation & Member of the Board

Our main concern is to identify the particularities and difficulties of each case, always in close cooperation with our clients. We deal with our projects as a unique challenge each time working towards to the best execution of them, while guaranteeing adherence to our commitment to the ultimate protection of the environment.

Thanasis Kokalias

LEGAL ADVISOR & Member of the Board

Strictly underwritten by both National and European Legislation, KAFSIS has established itself as a leader in environmental management practices by staying up to date with any changes in policies and legislations pertaining to waste management practices as well as contributing know-how towards the concerning authorities to better understand the procedure acquired to manage waste.

KAFSIS applies a horizontal organizational structure in order to create flexibility within the organization, and effectively utilize the skills and abilities of our workforce. This allows us to provide immediate and efficient decision-making all the while aiding each department to achieve its maximum potential.