Vassiliades Group

Vassiliades Group is a diversified privately held group of companies, fully engaged in the Environmental and Energy sector. We specialize in introducing strategic development, increasing sales, operating profit margins and strategic management with strong negotiation skills and high standards of business ethics and values, exposed in projects with European wide objectives, business procedures, compliance and performance measurement specialized in the Environmental and Energy sector.

KAFSIS Bio - Industries, Antipollution S.A. and Greek Environmental & Energy Network S.A. are one of the leading groups of companies with presence in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Albania, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and other Balkan countries Antipollution S.A. being the mothership of the Group's creation. Each company operates independently under its own management structure while succeeding synergies between the different services provides a leading advantage to the commercial strategy we choose to offer our clientele.

The Group revenues in total over 85 million euros annually and, thanks to our working force of over 300 experts dedicated to our companies’ values, we continue to expand.

KAFSIS Bio - Industries S.A. (KAFSIS)

Committed to remaining at the forefront of waste management solutions in order to provide its clients with the most extensive range of services possible, KAFSIS is leading the way in producing a real and positive impact for our environment, whilst providing immediate and long term solutions for both private and public organizations of all sizes. Our rate of growth speaks for itself and indicates that our services could not have arrived at a more crucial time.

Antipollution S.A. (ANTIPOLLUTION)

Our world is the place were we live and create, we owe it to ourselves and our children to protect it the best way we can. Antipollution S.A. is the leading Greek company that specializes in the field of port reception facilities and waste management, that provides a wide range of affective tailor made solutions for your every need, Antipollution was founded by the descendants from the first people to operate in Piraeus Port for the reception of waste from ships in the early 1940’s, ever since Antipollution S.A. has followed a steadily rising course currently providing its services in 40 major ports and its expertise is now in demand worldwide.

Greek Environmental & Energy Network S.A. (GREEN)

Our company Greek Environmental & Energy Network S.A. also know as Green is active in the wholesale trading of electricity within the broader of Southeast European area, registering cross border activity, trading energy throughout Greece and its neighboring countries, Italy, Albania, Fyrom, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Turkey. Green’s trading team combines industry expertise with strong market relationships to provide trade execution services across the regions we operate.

In the world of today, we have to prepare for the world of the future, it’s in our hands to make a cleaner and better environment for us and our children. Welcome to our world.