Chairman’s letter

We represent a force for change in a world in dire need for better waste management and energy solutions

Welcome to our world.

Our purpose at KAFSIS is to provide complete waste management solutions to both private and public organizations of all sizes. Thanks to our wide range of expertise gathered through years of experience, KAFSIS is able to provide a plethora of services above and beyond any other waste management company. Our success is reflected in the broad range of clients we serve, and the depth of our experience provides us with the flexibility to adapt to the specific market requirements of any type of client and any size of environmental challenge.

We represent an agent of change in a world that’s crucially in need of better waste management solutions. We strive to do so by not only setting new social standards for waste and environmental management but also by educating the market of its legal requirements and helping create new greener environmental mores within the industry. We believe that it is not only through actions but also through education that we can change the world into a cleaner place for our children

Reducing the impact of untreated waste on our planet is a priority at KAFSIS. We have a holistic approach towards waste management and apply state of the art expertise and technology in order to provide optimal long term solutions for both our customers and our environment. As many communities consider waste as an ever – present and ever – growing problem, we at KAFSIS choose to see it differently: as a valuable resource begging to be reused. This simple mindset has put as at the forefront of waste management technologies and solutions. We therefore continue to strive on a daily basis, towards a cleaner tomorrow and remain dedicated to converting today’s liabilities into tomorrow’s assets.

At KAFSIS we consider the environment as Earth’s most valuable asset and strongly believe in enforcing leak free sustainable practices in order to secure our environment. We are passionate about the fact that waste need not be wasted. It is within our ability, through advanced technology, professional management and expert know – how, to create a new vision for our society – where waste is not discard but retrieved and transformed into a beneficial resource for humanity and our planet.

Due to the incredibly wide range of waste that is being generated, our ability to handle each customer’s specific needs in a variety of ways is the key to our success. KAFSIS tailors its solutions and services in order to fulfill each individual client’s specific legal and environmental requirements. By doing so, we hope to provide long term sustainable solutions that benefit both our Private and Public Partners (PPP) and contribute towards making this Earth a greener and more viable space for all.