Construction and Management of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Sludge Management

Our rate of growth speaks for itself and indicates that our services could not have arrived at a more crucial time

At KAFSIS, waste management doesn’t simply mean picking up your waste and treating it. We believe in creating alternative green energy sources, transforming your processes according to sustainable practices, promoting anti-pollution services and educating our clients about environmental and legal issues.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater, or sludge, is known to encompass a wide range of potential pollutants in various concentrations that can severely contaminate water bodies if left untreated. With our vast expertise in wastewater and sludge management, KAFSIS can carefully plan and carry out effective and sustainable water cleaning, filtering and treatment for all our municipal and industrial clients.

Sewage Cleaning Services

Sewers are a key part of a clean city, but they can also be very difficult to maintain. That’s why KAFSIS has developed a comprehensive range of sewage network cleaning services. No matter the size or condition of your underground pipe network, our employees have the knowledge and equipment to ensure your sewage system is both safe and efficient.