Management of Animal and Organic Byproducts and Waste

Our company has all the means, undertaking on behalf of our clients the comprehensive management of their animal by-products…

Construction and Management of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Sludge Management

Liquid residues and biological sludge contain various potentially polluting substances in various concentrations, which can contaminate…

Construction and Management of Waste and Recyclable Materials Processing Facilities

Regardless of their size, KAFSIS is ready to take over the management of your facilities to help you evolve their operations through greener, more efficient and more sustainable practices.

Specialized cleaning services
Facility Management

KAFSIS operates in a wide field providing a wide range of cleaning services. Our specialized equipment allows us to clean the air, water, soil…

Innovative Solutions and Products

to protect the Environment

KAFSIS was born out of the vision to spread worldwide best practices in waste management, as well as to create a cleaner and safer environment for our children.