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Fat collectors

Management of Fats and Oils

In accordance with the sanitary provisions of the Health Ministry Y1c/G.P./home. 47829/21-06-2017 (Government Gazette 2161/B/23-06-2017), catering businesses, hotel and health care businesses are obliged to install a suitable grease collector and separate fats and oils and their further management.

Integrated services of design, supply and installation of grease collectors and management of fats and oils.

Maintenance of grease collectors and provision of their cleaning training by our specialized staff.

Providing advice on the process of submitting business notification for those subject to the new health provision of the Ministry of Health n.4442/2016

Provision of a service for registering quantities in the Electronic Food Waste Register (HMAT) in accordance with the new guide, paragraph 4 of article 20 of Law 4819/2021 of the Ministry of Environment and Energy for catering businesses and hotels.

Integrated organic, liquid and solid waste management services.

Provision of disinfection, disinsection, extermination and rodenticide services.


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