Management of Animal and Organic Byproducts and Waste

Our rate of growth speaks for itself and indicates that our services could not have arrived at a more crucial time

At KAFSIS, waste management doesn’t simply mean picking up your waste and treating it. We believe in creating alternative green energy sources, transforming your processes according to sustainable practices, promoting anti-pollution services and educating our clients about environmental and legal issues.

Animal By Products

Waste produced from animal by-products is divided into three categories, ranging from high toxicity to low toxicity. Each type of waste is regulated by its own set of laws regarding transformation, and KAFSIS owns and operates the proper equipment in order to process all categories of animal by-products independently and safely.

Food Waste

Food is one of the most prevalent forms of waste in the world. Cheaper and more sustainable than using a landfill, our services will prepare, treat and recycle your food waste into green energy. Thanks to our wide range of specialized treatments, we transform your garbage into fertilizers, electricity, heat, and materials used to produce biofuels.

Intermediate Organic Waste Management Unit (I.O.W.)

In our company’s modern intermediate handling unit, organic waste (animal and vegetable) is managed and stored before being sent and processed to final disposal units. Our intermediate handling unit enables cost savings as by combining multiple loads with just one route, labor, transport and operational costs are significantly reduced.

Expired Food Products

KAFSIS offers affordable door-to-door collection of any distressed/expired products from all businesses in the food industry, such as supermarkets, warehouses and restaurants. We then treat, process and recycle their waste into renewable sources of energy, such as fertilizers, biogas and biofuels.

Municipal Waste

KAFSIS uses the most advanced municipal waste management equipment and technologies in order to minimize the quantity of products entering landfills and maximize our clients’ savings. To this end, our team of engineers work directly with our clients to design tailor made solutions that suit their unique needs and requirements. KAFSIS can help you manage your waste efficiently and cost effectively.