Vision & Values

How KAFSIS leads in waste management and energy production

KAFSIS was born out of the vision to see better waste management practices spread throughout the world in order to create a cleaner and safer environment for our children. Our vision and values reflect our undying commitment to reduce waste and improve your business in a green and sustainable manner.


Every action we take aims to improve the world we live in. Every day, we are designing and implementing comprehensive waste management solutions in order to protect the environment and improve people’s lives. We strive to be a great place to work and where our people are inspired to be the best they can be.


KAFSIS is committed to achieving the highest standards of corporate responsibility and sustainability, providing long-lasting solutions that serve both our clients and our planet. No matter the waste management challenges you face, we will work within your budget to provide the best service possible. We promise to never compromise on quality.


Already making a huge difference in Greece and across Europe, KAFSIS aims to be a worldwide leader in waste management solutions and green practices. Our company constantly seeks to build new partnerships and collaborations because we believe that if we all put our mind together, we can make a huge difference for the planet.


Our company believes that education is as important as action, and through our social responsibility programs, scholarship offers, internship opportunities, and awareness activities, we promote green and sustainable practices everywhere. Our initiatives also support local communities, students and professionals in their efforts to create a secure environment.


At KAFSIS, we strongly believe that no clients’ needs are the same and that there is no cookie-cutter solution for waste management. Consequently, KAFSIS aligns its strategies to its clients’ needs by generating innovative solutions adapted to your realities. We are committed to supporting our customers with their environmental challenges and being part of a global response to the demand for a more sustainable environment.


The mythological Phoenix is said to symbolize rebirth and renewal, an image that represents KAFSIS perfectly as we strive to give a new use to untreated waste and renew the environment. We invest heavily in creating new technologies to improve waste management services so that we can work more effectively and efficiently for our clients.