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We are always seeking out new members to join our growing team of environmental professionals

KAFSIS prides itself in being an employer of choice.

Our company is constantly searching for driven and ambitious individuals looking to make a difference in the waste management industry. In order to attract and retain the best minds in the waste management industry, we offer competitive wages, benefits and working conditions to all of our employees.

Chemical Engineer

Working with hazardous waste requires vast knowledge and know-how in complex chemical processes. KAFSIS is always looking for chemical engineers passionate about the environment and who want to improve our waste management technologies.

Mechanical Engineer

KAFSIS is a leader in waste management and green energy and alternative fuel production thanks to our very specialized equipment. To make sure our operations continue to run smoothly, KAFSIS requires knowledgeable mechanical engineers to maintain and upgrade our facilities and technologies.


If you’re passionate about protecting the environment, then the future of your career may be at KAFSIS. We seek people who are willing to push for real change in environmental policies and practices across the world, all the while promoting safe and sustainable waste management services.

Decontamination Expert

Our company works with contaminated soils and water on a daily basis, so we employ the best decontamination experts to make sure our processes are the most efficient and effective in the market. Our expert’s function in a highly structured environment to minimize the danger they face.

Marine Biologist

KAFSIS is a leader in seabed cleaning, and our marine biologists are the backbone of our services. Whether collecting samples on the field to determine the best course of action or studying better ways to clean our water bodies, marine biologists hold a crucial role within our company.


Working alongside our biologists, oceanologists investigate the major causes of pollution in our water and are tasked with finding the best ways to keep our blue spaces clean and safe. Our oceanologists are driven by a desire to rid your community or company of harmful wastewater and sludge.

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We are always seeking out new members to join our growing team of environmental professionals

KAFSIS is a leader in waste management and environmental services serving Greece and many other European countries. We are strongly committed to providing a complete range of products and services to our clients in residential, commercial, municipal and industrial markets across the world.

If you’re ambitious, a fast learner, have strong multi-tasking abilities, and are willing to evolve in a competitive environment, then KAFSIS wants to hear from you. We are constantly looking for new employees who are eager to expand our expertise in any field related to environmental services and waste management.


Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience in Engineering, or similar area of study, with at least two years of experience, preferably related to environmental protection and/or waste management.

Required knowledge of regulatory environment as it applies to environmental protection and compliance.

A working knowledge of the company’s operations and services.

Must demonstrate a desire to continuously learn on the job and follow regular trainings in order to maintain up-to-date knowledge on the industry’s best practices.